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René Binet Decorative Sketches – Architecture and Design Influenced by Nature in Early 20th-Century Paris

At the turn of the twentieth century, artists and craftsmen throughout Europe and America were profoundly affected by a new art style that took its inspiration from nature. Generally referred to as Art Nouveau, the movement influenced all manner of creative types, from painters, illustrators, and architects to iron-workers, interior decorators, and designers of furniture and jewelry. Although broad and varied, the style is almost uniformly characterized by abstract, asymmetrical, curvilinear design. This "new art" both elevated the status of crafts to fine arts and brought objects into a harmonious relationship with their environment through the use of lines that were natural, vital, and, most importantly, organic.

Âme qui survit (Authorized French translation of Soul Survivor)

Little Mary was born in 1944 in the South, reared in the Southwest and was often disparagingly referred to as "high-yellow." During racial tensions of the '50s and '60s, Little Mary found her hue to be a major issue but not her only problem. Mary's mother caused her to endure life threatening situations due to her drinking and wild ways. Little Mary's childhood experiences, the mental and physical abuse faced each day, led her to believe that her only true friends were the dead people in the funeral home. Indeed, Little Mary received a BS degree (Be Smart) at an early age. It was the only way she knew to survive.

Editing and proofreading of Diary of a Robot

Editing and proofreading of Diary of a Robot

Our intelligent machines have passed modified Turing Tests. They were designed to test products and other machines, but may slop over into testing people. Any thinking machine will, like people, have opinions, which you may like or dislike. Sometimes they make mistakes or get good ideas, but every care has been taken to ensure that our machines do no harm to people or property. If there are problems, call TLC Support and use Issue Code 42. Don't hang up if a machine answers.